Faculty Research

Below you will find a peak into some of our faculty members latest research. Be inspired and open to the possibilities that lie ahead. 

Organizational Transformation

Steering change is a major issue for managers today. But how do we develop the ability to control it, and not just become a spectator to it?

Reinvent Your World

We all know the proverb about teaching someone to fish, but if there are no fish left, knowing how to catch them won’t do you any good. Overfished Ocean Strategy offers five essential principles for innovating in this new reality. Nadya Zhexembayeva shows how businesses can find new opportunities in what were once considered useless by-products, discover resource-conserving efficiencies up and down their value chain, transfer their expertise from physical products to services, and develop ways to rapidly try out and refine these new business models.

Leadership Redefined

This is a book of stories, reflections, and insights about living and leading wholeheartedly in an age of rapid transformation. It is told through the lives of an extraordinary group of people who operate at a deep level of being. They have made the work of building a rich inner life-soul work-the means for greater adaptive capacity. This is revealed in their candid stories and lessons for continual growth and development.