Program Design

"The GLP was one of the best learning experiences in my life. It helped me to explore my 'personal purpose,' which is guiding me in my professional life" - GLP Graduate

"The GLP was one of the best learning experiences in my life. It helped me to explore my 'personal purpose,' which is guiding me in my professional life" - GLP Graduate

Exponential rates of change and uncertainty in financial models, consumer consumption patterns, natural resource availability, global value chains, social equality, technological advances, and geopolitical stability are indicating a fundamental change in approach and underlying assumptions governing the way of doing business.

Whether in terms of managing the consequences (or strategic implications) of the digital revolution, divesting bureaucracy, becoming authentically customer oriented, creating innovation in the value chain, or embedding sustainability – incremental change is no longer sufficient for organizations to sustain high performance in a volatile, multi-stakeholder environment.

Through the experience, studies, and research of our faculty we bring forward a model of developing leaders who can test and evaluate their own mental models regarding their environment, industry, organization, and personal operating assumptions in order to enhance leadership effectiveness and drive transformation. We challenge individuals to think differently about themselves, their organizations, and the world they operate in. 

Our faculty team works with leaders to:

  • Translate awareness to inspired action

  • Foster agility to manage multi-dimensional change and the uncertainty of the global business environment

  • Build collaborative, trusting cultures that engage and develop talent

  • See through complexity to simplify the path forward

  • Recognize the forces disrupting business models and providing opportunities for innovation

  • Generate holistic value creation

We realize grounding our theories, frameworks, and examples in business reality is critical. To accomplish this, we offer a mix of application based tools and exercises, individual coaching, learning expeditions, peer discussion groups, storytelling, fireside chats, and individual reflection. We provide the opportunity for you to step beyond your day to day and to reflect, envision, and strategize new possibilities and realize potential.

Within each week, the GLP focuses on expanding awareness and understanding of external contexts whilst building the personal capacity to purposefully lead in an increasingly complex and volatile global environment. A few highlights from each week are noted below:

Week One


  • Explore emergent business models and leadership practices within the eco-system of Silicon Valley

  • Examine business assumptions while exploring the intersection of strategy and sustainability

  • Explore the strategic impact of the digital revolution from value chain innovations and the changing role of customers to the competitive landscape

  • Inquire into one’s own operating assumptions, values, and purpose as a leader

Week  Two

  • Explore multi-stakeholder perspectives on the impact of leadership

  • Lead personal change through the lens of 360 assessment and feedback

  • Move beyond creating breakthrough strategic options to learning concepts and methodologies that will sustain continuous innovation

  • Analyze the organizational impact of transformation

  • Explore the human toll of VUCA and how to build one’s personal sanctuary

Week Three


  • Examine the social, economic, and historical context of Japan and how Japan is adapting to the changing global environment

  • Dialogue with business leaders within small and large companies to examine their adaptive strategies

  • Explore the cross-cultural communication challenge and competency required of global leaders

  • Undertake an intensive personal transformation workshop to further deepen understanding and alignment with one’s purpose as a leader

Participant Profile

The participants within the GLP are high potential senior managers who are likely successors to direct reports to the CEO. They are involved in strategy development and deployment in a product line, a regional business, or within a global function. Representative titles from GLP participants include: President, Retail Solutions; Deputy Chief Counsel; Managing Director, Energy Solutions Middle East; Executive VP, Overseas Operations; Senior VP Human Resources.

I have emerged as a good professional Leader as well as a much better human being. Able to see the big picture and help my organization to manage complex situations with clearly defined strategy.
— GLP Graduate