Nick has been a leadership trainer and personal development coach for over 20 years. Coming from a professional background in addictions therapy his work today includes delivery of extensive leadership development programs and executive coaching to global companies and senior leaders.

Nick is the Director of a different drum, whose work he summarises as ‘helping others to take the next step’. As a writer, poet and lover of the outdoors Nick brings his love of the arts and nature to his work with executives and senior teams to address and reflect on the place of soul in leadership and the role of sanctuary in supporting healthy human development. As a trainee facilitator for The Centre for Courage and Renewal, Nick brings the principles and practices of the Circle of Trust approach to support this work in a group context. Nick also provides companionship to individual leaders going through periods of significant transition in their personal and professional lives.

Nick is also Creative Director with Olivier Mythodrama Associates where he is responsible for the design, development and facilitation of arts based retreats for Board level and Executive teams addressing questions essential to our understanding of the challenges facing 21st century leadership.

Nick has a longstanding interest in the exploration of human consciousness and its application in the development of organizations and leadership. Nick draws his inspiration from time spent learning from a variety of aboriginal cultures and influential individuals including Elisabeth Kubler Ross and has a strong interest and developing practice in shamanism, transpersonal, and archetypal psychology inspired by the practice of individuals such as Stanislav Grof ,Robert Moore and James Hillman. His interest in Jungian psychoanalysis includes a 7 year commitment to his own analysis which is ongoing. Nick has been involved in the use of Hemi Sync technology, pioneered by Robert Monroe, for nearly 25 years and is a member of the TMI Professional Division in Virginia. Nick is a also a member of the Community of Interbeing founded by Vietnamese Buddhist teacher Tich Nhat Hanh and has a longstanding interest in initiation, ritual and a wide range of contemplative and meditative practices.

Nick has two children and lives with his life partner, Tia in Somerset England.