William H. Davidson (Bill) served as a tenured Professor at the Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California, from 1985 to 1998, until his extracurricular activities prevailed and he entered the business sector on a full time basis.  In academia, he was acknowledged as the most widely cited academic in international management during the 1985-1995 decade by the Journal of International Business Studies.  His book 2020 Vision (with Stan Davis) was selected as the Best Business Book of the year by Fortune Magazine in 1992.  He has written seven other books on management, including The Amazing Race. Breakthrough was published by John Wiley Press in 2004.   He is currently finishing a new book entitled Great China, with Dumas Ting. 

 Bill has served on six public company boards, including Amtech, an early participant in the China mobile phone market(acquired by Terremark), and UTi Worldwide, a leading global logistics solutions provider.   He has served on a number of private boards, including Autogenomics Inc. and Trendpoint Corporation.   He has served as non-executive chairman of three companies, including Broadcast International(BCST);  Aquahydrate, a high-tech water company; and starting in 2016, Nimbus Materials, a thermoelectric film technology company.

 As a consultant, Bill has been actively involved in a number of projects, starting with the business plan and business design for the IBM PC in the early 1980’s.  He was also a member of the core team that created IBM’s Services business in the 1990s.   He has assisted a number of companies with shaping and executing their overall strategic planning processes.

 Bill founded and led MESA Inc., a leading technology consulting company acquired by Deloitte and Touche in 1996.  Bill was senior partner and practice leader for the global telecom practice at Deloitte in the late 1990’s, during which time the practice experienced more than 10-fold growth.

 Bill has been actively involved in venture capital activities for several decades, serving as a partner in four venture capital funds, encompassing almost 100 different investment projects.  He is currently a partner in two private equity groups, focused primarily on South Asia.  Most recently his venture work has been focusing on Renova Therapeutics, a gene therapy pioneer with highly promising treatments for heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

 Long active in the field of leadership development, Bill’s very first client as a youngster was Jack Welch at GE. Upon Jack’s ascension to CEO, Bill worked extensively with the team at Crotonville in the design and implementation of the GE Leadership Development system.  He has worked in leadership development with many of the world’s leading organizations.

 He earned an AB in economics, an MBA, and a doctorate in business administration, all from Harvard University.  He is an active surfer, golfer and skier, and he plays on an adult ice hockey team with his oldest son.