I would like to share with you a few pre-reading assignments for our time together in San Jose. 

 First, your coaching team asks you to look at two items, as they are relevant to the overarching work of the one-to-one sessions. Coaching sessions will be held at each on-site gathering as well as the intersessions between the weeks. On-site coaching is scheduled over lunch and in the early mornings or evenings. We will overview the coaching process and introduce you to your coach during Monday morning’s overview. 

 The first reading is Discovering Your Authentic Leadership by Bill George, Peter Sims, Andrew McLean, and Diana Mayer. The authors speak to the frank necessity of knowing who you are as a leader. For them, “Authentic leaders demonstrate a passion for their purpose, practice their values consistently, and lead with their hearts as well as their heads. They establish long-term, meaningful relationships and the the self-discipline to get results.”

Simon Sinek in his popularized approach ‘Start with Why’ provides a lens onto purpose-driven organizations, a lens which ultimately starts with what inspires each one of us. Sinek's Tedx Talk provides an opening to thinking about our own purpose or calling as a leader.

 Anil Sachdev, teaching on Thursday, would like to share with you his thoughts on Shared Value as an inspiration from Indian Ethos. His paper explores what is at the heart of ‘Inspired and Authentic Leadership.’ Anil writes, organisations of consequence become admired Institutions that create and sustain value for multiple stakeholders. The leaders who enable this transformation are inspired by 'higher purpose'.  Additionally, Anil asks that each leader to write a one page 500 or more words narrative on ‘The Story of my life’ covering:1) What are the events in my life that I would call defining moments? Or 2) When I look back at the journey of my life, what stands out as moments that define who I am?. These will be shared with the class during Anil's session. 

 You will also want to check back to the website at the conclusion of Week One for suggested follow-up readings and electronic access to classroom materials and PowerPoints. 

 If you have difficulty accessing any of the materials, please email me at pam.fuhrmann@gmail.com

 See you soon,  Pamela